Private Service

I am an experienced house manager with over 4 years of private service experience, and 15 years of foodservice and private chef experience. I recently relocated from Greenwich, CT to San Francisco to support my identical twin brother in building a healthy, fast casual restaurant chain concept. As I’m wrapping up my work there, I am looking for my next opportunity to be a meaningful part of a household as either a household manager or private chef. I have lived in the Bay Area before, and have moved back to be closer to my family, and because I feel a strong connection to the culture of California.


I take great pride in creating unique and special experiences for people, both in manifesting culinary delights and in the execution of spectacular, ambitious projects. I have two major strengths: a great ability to connect with people and understand their needs, and a highly organized way of working and managing people and projects.


At my last private service position at Treetops Estate, I started out managing the kitchen and a two acre garden to create a permaculture homestead. I leveraged my food service experience and passion for local, seasonal produce to plan and serve healthy, delicious and inventive meals, all while balancing specific dietary and complicated allergy restrictions. As the needs of the family grew and my rapport with them solidified, I was soon promoted to the household managerial role, adding on management of the Housekeeping, Childcare, and Personal Assistant departments. In addition, I was also charged with the setup and management of the estate’s second household in Vail, Colorado. Over my four years at Treetops, I created many new processes and policies, streamlined the operations, and greatly improved staff morale through being open to feedback and being responsive. My comfort with both managing up and down made the household run smoothly and harmoniously.


I bring  solid execution and operations experience to efficiently run the day to day, as well as extensive strategic planning and project management knowledge to improve operations and bring a vision to fruition. My lifelong passion for serving people combined with my experience makes me a great fit for any household management or private chef position.